Loving people

At Gateway, we care for people and that includes you! No matter what your background you can expect to be treated with respect and care when you come to Gateway. 

Engaging services

When our service begins, we’ll have a time of singing that lasts about 20 minutes, and then our pastor will deliver a Bible-based message that lasts about 30 minutes.

Overall the service will last 60-70 minutes. Our goal is to encourage, challenge, and inspire you to live for a life for Jesus.

Kids ministry

We love kids at Gateway! Our goal is to build a fun and safe environment for kids where they are taught to know and thrive in God.

We have programming for kids from birth to 5th grade. You can check in at our Gateway Kids desk before the service and it only takes a few minutes, even if you’re just visiting.


It is our desire that everyone at Gateway will experience the power, joy, and peace that can only be found through Jesus.

We want to challenge and encourage you as you find more and more fulfillment in God!